Dogs of Distinction and Accomplishments

You can find Huck at Rinck Advertising often.

He keeps the creative staff there grounded!

Steven Drew's Riley

Just hanging out with America's Top Model

No big deal for such a cutie pie!


Rory was donated to work in an elementary school in Pennsylvania, where there is a wonderfully intense training program. She passed, of course, and loves her job. She lives with a family and is loved when she is not working. She's also loved while she is working.

Tonka found his purpose later in life. He was our main stud dog and at 120lbs, he was considered "a bull in a china cabinet". We never considered rehoming him because he was so strong physically. Fate intervened and he met his perfect little girl. She happens to be deaf and he is smitten! Super protective, loving, gentle -yes, really!! and the family couldnt be happier. Miraculously, his bark is one of the only sounds his little girl and her father can hear. He has an unusually low "voice"-and loud. It was a match made by a higher power for sure.

This is why we do what we do.

Cash and his boy Parker

"Cash is crazy good. He is a true stud! He retrieves flushes and can track any wounded bird! Oh yeah, good looking and the best mannered dog evah" Mike S.

Goldens make excellent hunting dogs. labs aren't the only dogs with a great nose, instinct and athletic ability!