"Goodbye, Hello..." - Guest Blog by Rick Dawes

"When I stepped out of the car,  the door to the house opened, releasing a flood of white puppies.  Twelve of them.  Six boys wearing blue collars, and six girls wearing pink collars.  The Man had informed me on the ride there that he preferred that I be the one to choose the puppy, but it had to be a male so Dewey could have a playmate.  Still not quite believing that we were where we were, and doing what we were doing, I started looking for blue collars... "

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"He..." - Guest Blog by Rick Dawes

"When He first came in from playing in the yard, I didn’t notice anything might be wrong.  I hadn’t been feeling well for a few hours, so at the time I certainly wasn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer.  A few moments later, however, it became clear that He was in distress..."

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"Heather, I just wanted to tell you how absolutely in love I am with my sweet boy Cooper. What a gift it is having the love of a dog. Thank you for all you do for every single dog and puppy that you come in contact with, Cooper still has the blanket you gave him from when he was a pup. The constant support and friendship that you give is also pretty amazing, you don’t just forget them when they leave you. I imagine it is a ton of work, but you raise some amazing pups! 14 months with my dog now, and I wouldn’t change it for anything, thank you again! ❤️ "-  Lori G.


"I don't even know where to begin! We were mourning the loss of our Golden and I fell upon this website. I instantly knew there was something special! We had the privilege of securing a puppy before the birth and to follow the birth through the weeks before we could get our new little boy was tremendous! Heather is undoubtably one of the most caring breeders I have ever met or heard about. We were welcomed with open arms and all that is important is these puppies are to go to good homes. The love is obvious! Drex has been the greatest gift! He is so so so good! He is great with people, dogs, cats etc. we take him to nursing homes so they can share in our gift! There is no better breeder of well mannered , healthy pups!"

Jen C.,  Rhode Island


"I never knew how much I could love a dog until I brought Layla home... She is the light of my life. I can't even count the number of compliments I've received on her temperament and how well behaved she is for her age. I can't wait to get a sibling for her!! :)"

Elisha B, Maine


"We are so lucky to have a dog like you, Zeb.  I know Dad couldn't ask for a better dog!"

Caitlin Pierce, 12 yrs old